I love hearing feedback from my customers and parents who have received my items as gifts, it helps me to focus on providing good customer service but also it gives me a real boost to hear how much people like my creations! If you have ordered from me already and would like to add something, a comment or ideas for development, please do get in touch.

I have met so many lovely, supportive people already in my new business and here are a few of my favourite comments:

wow!! They are so cool! And many thanks for your quick work! My friends have by now received their gift, and they liked it a lot. Actually, I will soon have another job for you if you’re available. So many babies!

Yori Zwols 05/08/13

Just a quickie to say thank you! Millie’s baby grow has arrived and looks stunning! Thank you. If I’m not careful I could easily spend all my Mat pay on new clothes for Millie and she could dominate your website. Thanks again, I’m one very happy customer!

Felicity Hyde 03/08/13

Fantastic! Brilliant service Victoria. Delighted with quality and value for money. Absolutely fine and dandy. Your service was a breath of fresh air! Will definitely recommend. Jen

– Jen McCartney-Blincow 14/05/13


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