British Baby

I made the ‘London Baby’ collection to celebrate the birth of Prince George to William and Kate. My British Royal Baby onesies have been very popular with customers in the USA, it’s so lovely to hear their enthusiasm for all things British!

made in England handmade onesie baby gift

Made In England British baby onesie

One of my favourite customers lately is a lady called Pam from Ohio who shared with me her very special reasons for wanting to buy some of my British baby onesies….

Victoria,  Thanks for your reply.  I should tell you why I am so set on making  a purchase from your shoppe. My daughter and I were in uk this  Aug. and I discovered she is expecting our first grandchild.   They were keeping this quiet , waiting for results from pre-natal testing due to her advanced maternal age so we did not even glance at baby  things during our trip.  We now know all is well and I am hoping to buy these  to have something special from  England  for the  baby.  Thanks for your  help.   Would love to have  one of each style

Hello Victoria, Thank you so very much for  the superb  attention.  I so appreciate it. Don”t know why I  rambled on so about our trip  and why it was so special.  It was my dream to visit the U.K.  and then the  surprise news I am still on cloud nine..  Looking forward to shopping with you more  when we find out  if it’s a boy or girl!    Thanks again

Hello Victoria,   The  baby onesies I ordered from Parsnip and Bramble  arrived today!   I was surprised was very quick!.. The  clothes are darling  … Even cuter than I had expected.  I  took them to my daughter  and she was so surprised  and  thought they were  adorable and so  special..reminders  of our glorious  trip to the U.K. Thanks for your help  and care in the mailing  . Will be ordering again.   Pam

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