Owl Always Love You

Lots of woodland animals and creatures are popular for children’s clothing and toys in England but Owls in particular seem to be a firm favourite. You can see them on patterned bags, scarves, bedding and now t-shirts!

Our Sleepy Owl applique is handmade in Manchester, England and embellished with freemotion embroidery to highlight the Owl’s wings, feathers and facial features. I have made this design on baby onesies as well as long sleeved toddler tops…

Parsnip and Bramble British Parsnip and Bramble Parsnip and Bramble UK England Parsnip and Bramble

If you would like to order an Owl design to be made especially for your little one then you can do so by clicking this link to our online shop: http://www.parsnipandbramble.co.uk/#!babygirls/c6a8

And here’s the lovely Isabella in her custom made Owl top which she received for her first birthday, doesn’t she look serious?

Parsnip and Bramble

I also created a custom made Owl bib for a Christening –

Parsnip and Bramble customised personalised British baby kids wear UK

If you would like to order a custom made bib for your little one you can do so through our online shop, where you will see more ideas for designs too – click this link to take you there: http://www.parsnipandbramble.co.uk/#!customdesigns/c1ffj

And here’s the lovely Adleigh in her Parsnip & Bramble bib!

Parsnip and Bramble custom personalised baby kids UK


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