Birthday Girl Rani

I was asked to create this custom design for a very sweet little girl called Rani who was soon to be celebrating her first birthday. Her Mummy’s friend Kathryn ordered this design as a surprise and sent me a gorgeous photo of Rani on which to base my design (I hope to share the original photo here once Rani’s Mum has given permission to share it).

Kathryn asked me to create a cartoon version of Rani and straight away I knew I wanted to include her spiky baby bunches and hairslide – perfect details!

Parsnip and BrambleParsnip and Bramble

I always take pride in wrapping each item in tissue paper and ribbon or string before I post it, I think it makes for an even nicer surprise to receive a ready-wrapped gift. I wrap my creations whether they are being sent to the person who ordered them or directly to the recepient, I like to  think everyone enjoys unwrapping a parcel!

Parsnip and Bramble British England UK

If you would like me to make a custom design for you then please see our online shop for details of colour and size options, click this link:!product/prd1/1540678065/for-customising—long-sleeved-t-shirt

Handmade British England UK


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