Billy the Cat

Billy the Cat is the beloved pet of the Reid family and Mum Helen requested a custom applique design of Billy on a pink toddler top for their daughter. Helen sent me a photo of Billy (who is apparently very hard to capture!) which I used to get the details of my design just right.

Billy Cat

I used fluffy white fabric for Billy’s pear-shaped nose and cheeks and for inside his ears. I found a tiny scrap of deep pink spotty fabric to use for his nose and added an authentic black smudge too! For his whiskers I re-threaded my sewing machine with white cotton and used freemotion embroidery to add the finishing touches……

Parsnip and Bramble applique handmade British UK England Parsnip and Bramble England UK

If you would like to order a custom design for your little one I have more tops in stock in my online shop, use this link to find out more about colour options and prices:!product/prd1/1540678065/for-customising–long-sleeved-t-shirt

Parsnip and Bramble



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