Dinosaur from Uncle Theo

This custom order was made for a surprise baby as a gift from their Uncle Theo (or should that be Uncle-to-be?). Theo asked me to create a unisex onesie with a dinosaur known as a Blossoraptor (their surname is Blossom) and the words ‘Uncle Theo Rocks!’.

a t-rex or velociraptor type dinosaur please (a meat eating looking dino that walked on two legs will be fine)? Sorry, I mentioned I was a dino geek, and if it had BLOSSORAPTOR written next to a herbivore dinosaur on all four legs, then the inner geek in me may explode! sorry!

So, this is what I came up with…….

IMG_2316 Parsnip and Bramble dinosaur applique onesie

PS I’ve heard that new nephew Joseph arrived safely on 28th December so hopefully we will see some photos of him in his custom onesie once the weather gets a bit warmer again :o)


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