British Christmas at Altrincham Market

Parsnip and Bramble handmade baby EnglandI absolutely LOVED my first time trading at Altrincham Market on 10th November. It didn’t start out to be the best day as I worked far too late into the night then couldn’t easily switch off my mind to go to sleep, so getting up to be greeted with thick fog and having to de-ice the car was a little demoralising…

However, when I arrived at the market at 8.30am it was already buzzing with activity and my pitch was in the very centre of the covered market right next to the live musicians (who were excellent btw, I was singing along all day!). I was delighted that my pitch had a red and white canopy which matched my theme perfectly (ooh, I do like a bit of visual co-ordination) and my stall was the biggest one I’ve ever had!

The dismal looking photo below doesn’t do the market justice at all but I thought you might like a nosey at what I’m blogging about. This snap was taken on my iPhone early in the morning before the bright autumn sun came out and before my neighbours had set up. I wasn’t lonely for too long though as an amazing cake stall appeared to my right and a vintage toy stall behind me.


Thanks to the power of Instagram, this is a better snap of my Christmas collection on the day…..the Snowmen and the Reindeer sold out so I have to make more (hee hee, I love making these ones!).


The organisers of the market have themed each one and rotate the focus throughout the festive season. This market was a ‘Tots to Teens’ one and will be on again on Sunday 8th December and the twilight market on Thursday 12th December. Hope to see you there :o)


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