Ambulance for Baby Sam

Sam’s Daddy is a Paramedic and so his mummy Dawn asked me to create a custom design on a onesie. I created an applique Ambulance in the colours of a British NHS one (though they aren’t usually dotty yellow, unfortunately) and embroidered the words ‘Daddy’s Ambulance’ as a surprise.


I use the technique of freemotion embroidery and so I don’t always know how the design will turn out. It is quite tricky to sew on tiny stretchy baby clothing. The perfectionist in me wants it to be perfectly straight with even spacing, but the speed at which your machine needs to operate at means sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan! My husband said “I like the way you haven’t got the 3D quite right…” – erm, thanks?!

Applique ambulance personalised



And here is the gorgeous baby Sam modelling his custom outfit! And if you pull out his dummy you might hear an authentic siren too….!IMG_0991 IMG_0992


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