Hoppy Easter!

Easter is absolutely my favourite time of year – I love the bursts of colour and new life and the excess of bunny paraphanelia everywhere makes me very happy! This year I finally got to make my ‘Easter Table’ and remembered to dig out all my stashed away goodies that I didn’t get chance to use last year. The daffodills are cut from our own garden and the iced biscuits and cakes were made by both of us one sleepy Sunday. I taught D how to flood icing once you have outlined the shape and how to poke it into place with a toothpick – he’s a natural!

An unexpected source of great amusement came from this motely crew of fuzzy chicks! Some of them have got a little squished in storage and the odd eye or leg is wonky…..the grumpy looking green one on the second row has been unofficially adopted by D – he sits on his monitor in the office and his hair do gets a little fuzzier as time goes on (I suspect this is because D gives his favourite chick a little headrub every now and again….I try not to be jealous!).

We finished our Easter Sunday off with a rainy Easter Egg Hunt in the back garden – I didn’t know I was up against a professional hider and seeker though! He was very sneaky at hiding the foil chicks and bunnies yet found the ones that I had hidden in half the time it took me!


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